연번 게재연월 논문명 저자명 학술지면 권호 국내/외
33 16.09 Design of a MoOxAuMoOx transparent electrode for high-performance OLEDs 이재갑 외 5명 ORGANIC ELECTRONICS 36(1) 국외 SCI
32 16.06 Band-gap engineering of Cd1-xZnxTe films deposited by pulsed laser deposition 최현주 외 5명 Thin Solid Films 612(1) 국외 SCI
31 16.05 An insight into dislocation density reduction inmulticrystalline silicon 최현주 외 7명 Solar Energy Materials and solar cells 155(12) 국외 SCI
30 16.05 Large-Area Deposition of MoS2 by Pulsed Laser Deposition with In Situ Thickness Control 최현주 외 9명 ACS nano 10(6) 국외 SCI
29 16.05 First principles kinetic Monte Carlo study on the growth patterns of WSe2 monolayer 차필령 외 9명 2D Materials 3(2) 국외 SCI
28 16.05 Interface Properties of Atomic-Layer-Deposited Al2O3 Thin Films on Ultraviolet/Ozone-Treated Multilayer MoS2 Crystals 최웅 외 6명 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(18) 국외 SCI
27 16.03 A Simple Process Based on NH2- and CH3-Terminated Monolayers for Low Contact Resistance and Adherent Au Electrode in Bottom-Contact OTFTs 이재갑 외 5명 ELECTRONIC MATERIALS LETTERS 12(2) 국내 SCI
26 16.03 Improved performance of organic photovoltaic devices by doping F(4)TCNQ onto solution-processed graphene as a hole transport layer 이미정 외 5명 ORGANIC ELECTRONICS 30(0) 국외 SCI
25 15.11 Growth Mechanism of Multi-Layer Graphene at Low-Temperature by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition 남호석 외 9명 KOREAN JOURNAL OF METALS AND MATERIALS 53(11) 국내 SCI
24 15.11 Mechanical and electrical stability of PEDOT: PTS and Au source/drain electrodes for bottom contact OTFTs on plastic films under bending conditions 이재갑 외 6명 ORGANIC ELECTRONICS 26 국외 SCI
23 15.11 Size-Controlled Synthesis of Copper Oxide Particles on Reduced Graphene Oxide for Lithium-Ion Battery Anode Applications 최현주 외 4명 JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY 15(11) 국외 SCI
22 15.10 Large-Area Growth of Uniform Single-Layer MoS2 Thin Films by Chemical Vapor Deposition 최웅 외 2명 NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS 10 국외 SCI
21 15.10 Iron Oxide Based Nanoparticles for Multimodal Imaging and Magnetoresponsive Therapy 이노현 외 5명 CHEMICAL REVIEWS 115(19) 국외 SCI
20 15.06 Electrochemical lithium storage kinetics of self-organized nanochannel niobium oxide electrodes 이재갑 외 3명 Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 746(1) 국외 SCI
19 15.04 Low temperature synthesis of graphite on Ni films using inductively coupled plasma enhanced CVD 남호석, J.Kim, M.Kim, B. Wallace 외 8명 Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 국외 SCI
18 15.04 Giant Photoamplification of Indirect-Bandgap Multilayer MoS2 Phototransistors with Local Bottom-Gate Structures 최웅 외 6명 Advanced Materials 27(13) 국외 SCI
17 15.03 Size-dependent transition of deformation behavior of Au nanowires 차필령 외 3명 Nano Research 8(3) 국외 SCI
16 15.03 Hybrid Dielectric Layer for Low Operating Voltages of Transparent and Flexible Organic Complementary Inverter 이미정, J.Kim 외 4명 Electronic Materials Letters 11(2) 국외 SCI
15 15.02 Strengthening behavior of few-layered graphene/aluminum composites 최현주 외 3명 Carbon 국외 SCI
14 15.01 Effects of Surface Oxide on the Nitridation Behavior of Aluminum Particles 이재갑 외 7명 Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 46(1) 국외 SCI
13 15.01 Electrochemical behavior of manganese oxides on flexible substrates for thin film supercapacitors 이재갑 외 3명 Electrochemica Aacta 153(1) 국외 SCI
12 14.11 ITO free MoO3/Au/MoO3 structures using Al2O3 as protective barrier between MoO3 and PEDOT:PSS in organic solar cells 이재갑 외 4명 Renewable Energy 71(1) 국외 SCI
11 14.11 MoO3/Au/MoO3-PEDOT:PSS multilayer electrodes for ITO-free organic solar cells 이재갑 외 3명 Materials Science in Semicondoctor Processing 27(1) 국외 SCI
10 14.11 Accurate extraction of mobility in carbon nanotube network transistors using C-V and I-V measurements 이미정 외 9명 Applied Physics Letters 105(21) 국외 SCI
9 14.11 Variability of electrical contact properties in multilayer MoS2 thin-film transistors 최웅 외 2명 Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing 117(2) 국외 SCI
8 14.10 Investigation of charge injection characteristics in diketopyrrolopyrrole ambipolar semiconducting polymers 이미정 외 4명 Proceedings of SPIE 9185 국외 비SCI
7 14.10 Study of the improvements in the electrical performance of solution-processed metal oxide thin-film transistors using self-assembled monolayers 이미정 외 3명 Proceedings of SPIE 9185 국외 비SCI
6 14.08 Selective and localized laser annealing effect for high-performance flexible multilayer MoS2 thin-film transistor 최웅 외 7명 Nano Research 7(8) 국외 SCI
5 14.07 Development of Nanoporous Copper Foams by Chemical Dealloying of Mechanically Alloyed Al-Cu Compounds 최현주 외 4명 Materials Transactions 55(9) 국외 SCI
4 14.07 Semitransparent, thin metal grid-based hybrid electrodes for polymer solar cells 이재갑, J. Kim
외 4명
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 23 국외 SCI
3 14.05 Multifunctional materials for OFETs, LEFETs and NIR PLEDs 이미정 외 6명 Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2(26), 5133 국외 SCI
2 14.05 Effects of solvent on the formation of the MUA monolayer on Si and its diffusion barrier properties for Cu metallization 이재갑 외 4명 Electronic Materials Letters 10(3) 국외 SCI
1 14.01 All-solution-processed nonvolatile flexible nano-floating gate memory devices 이미정 외 3명 Nano
25(1) 국외 SCI