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Radiation detectors

Multi-functional flexible materials can offer the possibility
of large area and integrated radiation detectors, which
can be used in biomedical and security applications.

2D&TMD Materials

Our expertise with catalyst-free deposition and in situ characterization skills has allowed us to produce large-area 2D&TMD films with in situ thickness control.

Materials simulation

Our multi-scale simulation methodology from first-
principles to mesoscale provides insight for further devel
opment of 2D & TMD materials.



KMU-UTD InFUSION center is a cooperative research
center between Kookmin University (KMU) and the
In-FUSION (International Future Semiconductor Inno
vation and Commercialization) Center at the Univer
sity of Texas at Dallas (UTD), in which we strive to
become a world-class research hub in the field of
multi-functional flexible devices. 


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